Search for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Sometimes reading a block-busting thriller just isn't enough for some die-hard fans, who want to experience a taste of the action for themselves. Whilst fans of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' aren't embarking on an adventure into the heart of Sweden's criminal underworld, they are trying to find a number of locations Larsson depicts in the trilogy.

Some of the sites searched for include the Kaffebar cafe in Stockholm, where the character of Mikael Blomqvist, the intrepid journalist hangs out, and the Kvarnen bar. It's here that we find the tattooed girl in question, Lisbeth Salander, drinking with the band members of the group the 'Evil Fingers'. Both places can be found on the island of Sodermalm, a trendy working class area.

However, fans looking for the peaceful town of Hedestad will come undone as the area doesn't actually exist and was created purely for the book.

Coming to the rescue of these literary lovers is the Stockholm City Museum's Larsson tour, which starts at Blomqvist's small apartment in the brown 19th century building at 1 Bellmansgatan in the capital and takes in various scenes from the story on its trail. Maps are also available from the local tourist office for those wanting to break out on their own and trace the characters' steps themselves.

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