Seacat to Isle of Wight, your fast ferry to freedom

Seacat to Isle of Wight, your fast ferry to freedom.

The Seacat to the Isle of Wight this year is probably the best option for traveling to this lovely island located off the south coast of England directly below the county of Hampshire.  The Isle of Wight, being in the English channel, is separated by an expanse of sea called the Solent and from the island itself you can take in the fresh sea air and view the passing ships as you think about your evening ahead.  Take a stroll on one of the thirteen award-winning beaches and over five hundred miles of footpaths and take in the wonder of this delightful place.  Fossil hunters can find beach strewn fossils while town lovers can take in the delights of the main town of Newport for a relaxing meal or visit their sports centres, crafts shops and theatres.  Public transport and all amenities common to the mainland of Britain are available here.

The Seacat ferry is operated by two main companies.  They are called Red Funnel and Wightlink.  They depart from two ports on the mainland called Lymington and Portsmouth and arrive at the island ports of Yarmouth or Cowes.  They are very frequent with about 36 to 37 crossings per day with a travel time of only about 35 minutes which almost is as good as any bus service.

Probably the best site for Seacat travel to the Isle of Wight that I found is one called indigoguide.com/ferries/isle-of-wight.htm.  On this site you can find all the information for the quickest mode of transport to the Isle of Wight such as the Seacat ferry and also by hovercraft. Log on soon and take that well-earned break, you deserve it.

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