Are you looking for sea kayaking holidays in Scotland?

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Are you looking for sea kayaking holidays in Scotland? Here is all the information you need to know.

The National Kayak School of Scotland in Argyllshire is generally the first stop for those looking for kayaking holidays in Scotland. They offer both sea kayaking and white water kayaking. Each sea kayaking holiday course is guided and is suitable for children, adults and families. You can choose anywhere between 1 and 7 day holiday courses at superb venues on the beautiful West coast of Scotland. You get view pictures and get more information on nationalkayakschool.com and if you decide you want to view a price list or book your holiday course then e-mail info@nationalkayakschool.co.uk.

Alternatively you may want to check out wildernessscotland.com. This website offers two different sea kayaking holidays. Firstly, a five day small family group kayaking holiday for £525 per person which is graded as easy. Their second option is a five day holiday kayaking around the West Highlands with a difficulty grading of moderate priced at £575 per person. For more information or for booking check out wildernessscotland.com.

If neither of these options suit your requirements and specifications then why not check out norwestseakayaking.com. This would be ideal for you if you want to sea kayak around the rugged North West coastline of Scotland. Based on Tanera Mor on the Summer Isles they offer both introductory and intermediate courses. With this you get to enjoy island life and eating local produce in the evenings. Check out narwestkayaking.com for more information.

So there's everything you need to know about sea kayaking holidays in Scotland!

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