Sea Kayaking Around the Shetland Isles

Located north of Britain, the Shetland Islands feature some of the most dramatic and fascinating coastlines. High cliffs, sandy beaches, sea caves, and remote islands are waiting to be explored, while seals, otters, sea birds, and other marine animals are always ready to put on a show for nature lovers. The best way to access these natural wonders during a Shetland Islands holiday is by hopping on a kayak and paddling around the coast.

Sea Kayak Shetland offers fun kayaking tours from its main base at Bridge-End Outdoor Centre in Burra Isle. The hostel accommodates up to 26 guests, mostly in dormitory-style lodging, with full kitchen and dining facilities, toilets, and hot showers. If they prefer, visitors can pitch their tents in the nearby camping area. The centre is the base of the Shetland Canoe Club, and is set in an adequately sheltered area of the coast, making it ideal for beginners.

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Trip itineraries are arranged beforehand, depending on weather conditions. Scalloway island, an uninhabited island north of Burra Isle, is a popular kayaking destination. There are a number of salmon farms in this popular sailing and boating area. If the weather permits, paddle south toward the uninhabited island of South Havra and its abandoned windmill. There is a deserted croft that now houses a colony of Arctic Terns, and a beautiful white sand beach.

Each trip is led by an experienced local guide, and is planned according to the experience and level of the participants. Groups are from two to six participants, and children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents.

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