Enjoy a great break in Scottish hotels with Tribute weekends

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What to do this weekend? We recommend you check out the great offers on Scottish Hotels with Tribute weekends, where you can spend a night with many different artists whether it be Robbie Williams, Abba, Tom Jones there all there so check out these hotels.

One hotel who has a great selection of tribute weekends to choose from is the Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club in Dumfries. They have a list of 23 tribute acts that you can choose from all available from the 1st of July. If you fancy listening to Robbie Williams and Michael Buble you can have a 2 night stay for £119 per person which is very good value. Or if you would rather become the 'dancing queer', spend a night with Abba for an amazing £74.50 per person. There is a whole host of other acts to choose from including Grease, the Blues Brothers and many more.

If Dumfries is not where you would like to spend the weekend or night rest assured there are many other hotels that have very similar weekends. Elvis can be seen at the Bruce Hotel in East Kilbride for £74.50 which includes your dinner. If your'e a fan of Stand-up comedy Roy Tubby Brown can be seen at the King Robert Hotel in Stirling for £89 per person which is a 2 night stay.

There are many Scottish hotels with tribute weekends available and you can view them all on www.classicbritain.com and you can book them in advance by calling 0845 1306241.

So come along and let your hair down with these great tribute weekends! They are sure to be great fun.



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