Scottish Cottages – Not so easy to say with a double Scotch under your belt!

Picture the scene; Over the lip of Loch Sunart,located on the west coast of Scotland tucked into a land of old oak, asphodel and heather, crouches a place for two to roost.

All is open plan: pad across heated tiles, bake bread in the kitchen, doze on the plump bed as the stillness of 80 acres descends. Logs, linen, games, an old film - all are yours - so settle by the wood-burner or on the terrace.

There's also snooker, table tennis and a mini gym at the owners' house, a mere three-minute walk away. Grab binoculars for guillemots, stride off for the mountains or shore, return to grill supper on the barbecue. Soothingly wild.

All this be found at The Ruin, Ardslignish, Acharacle, Argyll.

If that lot isn't your cup of tea, then get thee to the city of Edinburgh and get yourself a cuppa at the Claremont Cottage Stables on Claremont Road.

Behind a huge wall is a charming, Georgian ship, captain's house - and the Stables, your stylish, single-storey retreat. Best of all though is the delightful Sarah, the owner, who is a professional chef and will stock your fridge if you ask!

Cottage hideaways can be found on the selfcateringardnamurchan.co.uk website, and claremontcottage.com

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