Scottish Caravan Parks to Consider and Try

There are many opportunities to go on holiday in Scotland and plenty of reasons to do it. Scotland is full of beautiful countryside and there are lots of activities to do. All you need to do is find somewhere to stay; whether you have a caravan or not, there are a number of Scottish caravan parks that are perfect for couples and families to stay in.

The benefit of Scottish caravan parks is that you can enjoy evening entertainment and there are often kid’s clubs, which will give adults a chance to have some time to themselves. Haven is just one popular holiday park company and has two great sites in Scotland. Seton Sand, in East Lothian, is great for those looking for a holiday on the East Coast, close to Edinburgh, or there’s Craig Tara in Ayrshire.

Thistle Parks is another company that is able to offer some great places to stay around the amazing country. For those looking for a holiday in Perthshire, Blair Castle Caravan Park is well worth looking into. This is an excellent choice for young families with the 9 acres of land to run around in and it is just next to Blair Castle, which is a popular historic tourist spot.

If you want something that is close to amenities off the caravan site, then you should consider Huntly Castle Caravan Park, which is in Aberdeenshire. This park is just five minutes from the town of Huntly by foot and there are a wide variety of golf courses to go to and try.

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