Wanting to know Scotland school holidays 2011?

Everyone is the same, you get that little piece of paper sent home on the first day the kids are back to school, and within a week its gone missing. You spend the rest of the year guessing dates or praying your child will come home and let you know with more than a days notice that they have a holiday coming up. Instead of relying on less reliable information take a look at the dates below of the Scotland school holidays for 2011. And be a savvy parent and save a copy to your computer so you may never need to use "the dog ate it" excuse again.

The pupils returned to school after the Summer holidays on Monday 22nd August after almost two months off. Their next break is the September weekend on September 12th for just a long weekend. Up next is the October Midterm Break, lasting a week between 17th - 21st October inclusive.

The next term break is for the Christmas Holidays, beginning as late as 23rd December until the 6th January. Soon after there is the February public holidays, giving the pupils another long weekend from 17th - 20th February inclusive.

That brings us to the next term and season, into Spring now - with pupils getting some time off in April for the Easter holidays, starting on 2nd April for two weeks, up until two weeks later on the 15th.

With just one final day off on May day, this year falling on the 6th May, the kids have one last stint until they break up again for the Summer Holidays, beginning on the 2nd July 2012 up until August 20th 2012.

So keep this one handy on your computer or pc - or even blackberry to be up to date and always one step ahead with arranging your life around the holidays!

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