Trying to remember Scotland school holidays 2010?

Scotland school holidays 2010

Whether you are trying to remember and record the dates of all your old photographs, or you are wanting to head off on holiday around the same time as last year but can't remember which week it was, read on to find out the Scotland school holidays 2010.

Going by the season and when the kids started back, the summer holidays ended on Tuesday 17th August last year. The October midterm came around quick with them having a week off just before Haloween from 11th until the 22nd October. Perhaps the longest stint in school then was up until the Christmas holidays, which began on either the 21st or 22nd December depending on the school, and most returned then in the new year on the 6th January.

Then just two short weeks later it was already time for the Spring term midbreak, the kids finished up again on Valentines Day (14th Feb) for a week. The Easter break didn't come around until two months later, beginning on April Fools day and lasting over two weeks until the 18th. Pupils were only back for one week when the school finished up again for the Summer mid term, lasting ten days last year. It was then the final stretch towards Summer then, which quickly arrived on the 30th June to finish yet another school year.

So keep this record handy, whether on the computer on wrote into your diary so you can remember dates, occassions and events, when the kids were off for the Scotland school holidays in 2010 off hand.

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