Scotland holidays in 2011

Scotland holidays in 2011 are fantastic. The country of Scotland, though small, has breathtaking natural beauty from the lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway, to the highlands of Cairngorms. The bestplace to determine what to visit, or where to go in Scotland is visitscotland.com.

Visitscotland.com is the official consumer website of visitscotland, Scotland’s national tourist board. This is a comprehensive site of all all the top attractions in Scotland, as well as the best places to stay while visiting the country.

Scotland's warrior history has left many castles, fortresses and towers that blot the Scottish landscape. The most famous of these is Edinburgh Castle, which dates from the 11th century and is situated high above the Scottish capital.

Scotland boasts some of the best wildlife watching in Europe. There are famous seabird colonies around the Scottish coasts, amongst the most spectacular being Noss in Shetlands, St. Kilda and Bass Rock in the Forth. You can view gannets, fulmars, puffins, guillemots and razorbills along these coasts.

The site also offers a number of tours throughout Scotland. You can book a sightseeing tour, showcasing Scotland's unique and beautiful landscape. This involves coach tours of the Scottish Highlands and much more for as little as £99.

Scotland has a rich and turbulent history, with a magnificent landscape teaming with wonderful and colourful flora and fauna. So if you are looking for a fantastic place to go for a holiday in 2011, consider Scotland and and visit the site visitscotland.com, to find out all you need to know today when planning your Scotland holidays 2011.

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