Scotland for Christmas holidays

The Scots generally celebrate their Christmas the same was as the English. They tend to wait for the big celebrations on New Year's eve which they call Hogmanay. In this a tradition known as "first footing" which is the first person to set foot in a residence in the New Year is thought to affect the fortunes of the inhabitants. They also bring gifts such as food and drinks. Going to Edinburgh for your Scotland Christmas holidays will bring you everything you need. Whether it's shopping, drinking, eating, concerts, fairs or festive fun, there is something for everyone in Edinburgh during the winter time. The city brings you one of Europe's largest ice rinks where you can skate under the stars and in the shadow of Edinburgh castle.

You will be spoilt for choice hopping at Christmas time in Edinburgh with a fabulous mix of independent and high street retailers. The best thing about Christmas in Edinburgh is the Winter Wonderland which is a mix of fairground rides, Ferris Wheel, ice rink, hot food stands, Christmas fair and a Christmas market. These are open for 4 weeks. Christmas is also pantomime season in Edinburgh. Popular fairytale classics like Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss in Boots and Cinderella come alive on a festive stage.

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