Scilly Islands travel guide

With its mild Mediterranean climate, tropical plants, turquoise waters and sandy beaches, Scilly Islands will give you the feeling you’re in southern Europe. The islands are located just 48 km away from the south western tip of Cornwall and they feature the same atmosphere as a Greek island. This Scilly Islands travel guide will help you make the most out of your holiday here.

Scilly Islands Basic Guide

Scilly Islands consist of five inhabited islands, St. Martin’s, St. Mary’s. Tresco, St. Agnes and Bryher, with a total population of approximately 2000. There are also numerous rocky islets and uninhabited islands in the archipelago. Due to its climate, which is similar to the Mediterranean one, the islands feature lush landscapes, with almost tropical vegetation. The islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times and in the 19th century they featured thriving harbours, with factories for shipbuilding and numerous trading boats. Nowadays, the islands are popular with tourists who wish to enjoy water sports, sun bathing and an incredible climate close from home.


There are plenty of options when it comes to booking a room for your stay in Scilly Islands. You can choose from high standard hotels, campsites, guest houses, B&Bs and campsites. Hotel accommodation is available on four of the five inhabited islands and you can choose from budget accommodation to the opulent luxury of a medieval castle. If you want to enjoy home cooked local food, you can choose to get a room at one of the half-board guest houses, which feature cosy rooms and a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. Some options are Evergreen Cottage, Wingletang and Crebinick Guest House.

Scilly Islands Activities Guide

A holiday in Scilly Islands offers something interesting to do to anybody. Besides endless days on the beach, getting a tan and swimming, you can try golfing, diving, tennis, nature trails, horseback riding and many more other activities. You can choose to explore the islands by booking a boat trip. The islands can be also explored by bus or by bike, for those more energetic. There are also numerous activities to entertain you in the evening, such as theatre club performances, live music, regular slide shows and evening boat trips.

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