School holidays: visiting New Zealand in 2011

School holidays in New Zealand: places to visit on North Island

For memorable school holidays, New Zealand in 2011 is highly recommended. Whether intend visiting during the October holidays, or around Christmas, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The North Island offers relaxation. Mount Maunganui has a beautiful beach. The area around Rotorua is world famous for natural hot water baths (known locally as champagne pools!) Older kids and adults might feel brave enough to go for a bungee jump in Taupo. Otherwise you could simply enjoy views of New Zealand’s largest lake. Anyone can enjoy snorkelling in the Bay of Islands.

Auckland offers an abundance of other activities, as well as excellent shopping.

New Zealand School holidays: South Island activities

The South Island is where your family can truly experience this country’s great outdoors, with glacier tours, kayaking and spectacular sightseeing (including Mount Cook, the highest mountain).

From fiord cruises to wine-tasting in the Marlborough region, you’ll have to time manage. The biggest issue of your school holidays visit to New Zealand in 2011 will be cramming everything into the available time.

What activities are available in New Zealand during school holidays?

School holidays in New Zealand in 2011 coincide with some terrific events. Rugby Union’s most prestigious tournament, the World Cup, coincides with the school holidays in October. A spectacular opening ceremony on 9 September will herald six weeks of celebration of the sport. Explore New Zealand (www.newzealand.com/uk/explore/?cid=P:sem:uk) offers further informaion.

Check out this page for further information about New Zealand’s school holidays.

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