Out of School for the Holidays? Celebrate in New Zealand in 2011

Are you planning to spend the school holidays in New Zealand in 2011? If so, you need to know where to visit to get the best experience possible out of your trip. Following are a number of wonderful attractions suited for the whole family:

Visit the Auckland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is an animal-lover’s paradise, with everything from the tame to the exotic. Explore every corner of the zoo and you will see elephants, porcupines, orang-utans, emus, giraffes and more. In addition to the regular animal exhibits, the zoo schedules a number of “Animal Encounters” where the visitors are able to listen to a presentation on a particular species.

Have a Blast at Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End is New Zealand’s premier amusement park. With rides such as The Invader, the Log Flume, Gold Rush, the Motion Master, and Power Surge, this theme park keeps kids and parents entertained. Check out Castle Land for fun with the little tykes. Mini golfing—always a winner—will  appeal to the whole family. In addition to rides, the amusement park also offers food, beverages, and a cinema.

More Fun at the Voyager Maritime Museum

If your family is looking for something to continue education while on holiday, check out the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum. History, discovery, and adventure all unite with exhibits, interactions and live performances. Take the kids to the Children of Tangaroa to experience the exhibits on marine mammals.

New Zealand is a place full of delight, ready to explore and brewing with possibilities. For information on hotels to stay in for the school holidays in New Zealand 2011, be sure to read Budget Hotels in Auckland, where you will find a variety of choices that will help save you some cash.

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