Trying to remember school holidays 2010 for Scotland?

Trying to remember dates and times of past memories can be a tough one, so if you're trying to look back at last years holidays and get them all right - take a look below and it might just refresh your memory of school holidays 2010 in Scotland.

The easiest way to list the school holidays is by season or term Time, beginning in Autumn 2009. A majority of pupils returned back to school after the Summer holidays on the 17th August 2009. Aside from the September weekend (25th - 28th September) the next break is the Autumn midterm break in September, generally on 12th October inclusive to the 23rd. The next break then is the Christmas one, usually beginning on 18th December up until 5th January 2010.

Next up, is the Spring Term, with the first school holidays 2010 in Scotland being the Spring Mid-Term starting on the 15th February inclusive until 19th March.

Then just a short month later the pupils have their Easter holidays for another two weeks from 26th March - 12th April, which commences the start of their Summer Term 2010. With one last bank holiday before the Summer Break on Monday 3rd May, it is just eight short weeks until all children are off for their Summer holidays on Friday 2nd July 2010.

Obviously, dates vary slightly from school to school and by region, but these dates are a general idea across the country bar one or two days here and there. Check out scotland.gov.uk or primarytimes.net for the younger pupils who's holidays might vary that little bit more.

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