Once in a life time trip during school holidays 2010 New Zealand style

School holidays 2010 New Zealand

Often when it comes to the school holidays, we like many parents hope to take our children on fantastic holidays, show them some of the world and of course have an amazing break from work and everyday life ourselves.

However because everyone else has the same idea prices are inflated from the cost of flights, to hotels through to car hire and the whole idea become less appealing as you are faced with having to re-mortgage your house to fund it.

We made a big decision to take a trip during school holidays 2010 to New Zealand, which as you probably know, is a whole days travel away. Luckily as our children are approaching their teens they were able to handle the ordeal, I think the sheer excitement got them through.  We flew to Auckland which is on the North Island because our summer time is winter in New Zealand and we wanted to make the most of the amazing skiing opportunities in that part of the country. We booked our flights through flightcentre.co.uk where prices start from around £850 for an adult ticket.

Going during school holidays 2010 to New Zealand was perfect for us because we like to ski, however if you are keen on New Zealand but would like some enjoyable weather too, why not go during school winter holidays when it is summer in New Zealand. Flights are slightly cheaper during New Zealand summer (£650 adult ticket) as the government are trying to encourage a more even spend of tourism rather than people only visiting the country to Ski in the winter.

If you are interested in visiting this amazing country have a look at newzealand.com for more information and ideas to plan your trip.

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