School holiday dates in the UK for 2014

School holiday dates for the UK in 2014 differ depending on the area in which you live. The breaks are centred around events like Easter and Christmas so although each half-term and end of term break isn’t the same for every area of the country, the timing is pretty similar no matter where your child goes to school.

England and Wales

Most council websites show school holiday dates but you can also get them through gov.uk/school-term-holiday-dates. You might want to consult your child’s school site for specific dates, particularly if you’re planning on taking the kids away during the Easter holidays or during the summer half-term break.

Easter holidays

The Easter break this year falls between April 5 and April 21 for most state schools in England and Wales. Independent schools normally offer a slightly longer break and teacher training days in some state schools could extend the time off for your children.

Summer half-term

After the Easter break, the only other time off before the long summer holidays is the week off in the middle of the summer term. This year most schools will break up on Friday May 23 and open again on Monday June 2.

Summer holidays

The summer holidays are a time that most kids look forward to. That’s especially true for those who have to sit exams before the break. This year’s break will be close to six weeks for most pupils in state schools. The expected break-up day is July 23 with the children returning for a new academic year on September 1.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

School holiday dates in the UK during 2014 are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Scotland the term times differ as the academic year begins in the third week of August. The Easter break is normally 2 rather than 3 weeks and the summer break begins in June rather than July. Pupils in Northern Ireland have to put up with shorter mid-term breaks but they get a longer summer holiday which begins in early July and ends in early September.


If you're trying to plan the annual family holiday don't rely on the information available on the web, get in touch with your child's school to get the exact dates. School holiday dates in the UK for 2014 are area specific and also school specific so make sure you're aware of the exact dates before you book anything.

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