Schiphol Airport Amsterdam information for travellers

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is Europe’s fourth busiest airport. It is also one of the world’s top 20 busiest airports for total passenger traffic and cargo tonnage. Schiphol airport information available through the web shows that in 2011, over 49.8 million passengers used the airport to fly to 313 scheduled destinations.

Gateway to Europe

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is often described as the ‘Gateway to Europe’ because it serves so many European destinations. Flights to destinations like Paris, Glasgow, Munich, Bucharest, Vienna, Turin and Stockholm make up a large percentage of the 1,108 flights taken on an average day.

Terminals on Schiphol

The airport was built using the single terminal concept, so all facilities are housed under one roof. The terminal is then split into 3 departure halls which come together when airside. With 5 main runways and 97 gates, the facilities are there to cater for the high passenger numbers, but what can those passengers expect to find?

Facilities for passengers

Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, there is plenty to do whilst you wait for your flight. Internet and phone access throughout the airport keeps you in touch with the world whilst a wide range of shops will keep you entertained, and there are restaurants throughout where you can enjoy delicacies from around the world.

Facilities for business

For business passengers, Schiphol offers a waiting lounge at Schiphol Plaza where meetings can take place. A conference facility is also operated to assist business passengers. It’s situated at Exchange Avenue in Departures 1 where reception and support staff can be utilised to help arrange your conference and catering staff can provide refreshments.

Airlines flying to and from Schiphol airport

The Schiphol airport information page on their website lists 103 airlines and 23 cargo airlines that use it as a European hub. It’s the home of cargo carrier Martinair and Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM. Although KLM charter more destinations than other major European airliners, passengers can fly with carriers like British Airways, Air France and Alitalia amongst others.

Flights to major European cities like Barcelona, Edinburgh, London-Gatwick and Milan-Malpensa can be taken from Schiphol with low cost carrier EasyJet. Although EasyJet fly from Schiphol, most low cost carriers have stopped using Schiphol due to high landing fees.

Final word

The Schiphol airport information available through Skytrax, who are one of the largest airline and airport review and ranking websites, shows high overall customer satisfaction and an overall 4-star rating. This just underlines that Schiphol is not only one of Europe’s busiest airport, but also one of its very best.

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