Save your Dublin dollars for drinking!

Yes, it’s one of the most expensive cities in Europe and we all love to rip everyone off – particularly our old Colonial antagonistic neighbours – (this ed is Irish) - we’ve got about 700 years of history to charge you for. But there is plenty to do in Durty Dub for nowt.

To begin with, you’ve got all the galleries which are free. For the more traditional, with a taste of the 20th Century, head over to The National Gallery on Nassau St. Worth a wander too is the Museum of Modern Art a 10 minute Luas ride out of town – that’s the silvery looking tin can packed with people during rush hour that is known to often crash into big yellow and blue buses! Just don’t get off at the Guinness Storehouse as they’ll charge you to look at posters then give you a dodgy glass of Guinness – there are plenty of better places to sup the black soup than in the Guinness factory – believe us!

But of course, after saving all those tourist $$$’s you’ll want to blow it all on a feed of drink in some of the city's best bars. So, hands down here’s the top ten Dublin pub list: McDaids, Mulligans of Poolbeg St., Kehoes, South Anne St., The Long Hall, The Foggy Dew, The Cobblestone, Nearys on Chatham St., Whelans of Wexford St., Sin È on the quays and last of all, the best ever, The Royal Oak in Kilmainham – this last may turn out to be free because if the cantankerous landlord doesn’t like the look of you, he won't serve you! Sláinte!

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