Relax on a paradise island . Sardinia holidays right here!

Here we have our suggestions on Sardinia holidays...how to get there, where to stay and what to do!

How to get there: The most convenient departure city for flights to Sardinia is London. There are quite a few flights that operate between London and Cagliari, the biggest city in Sardinia, and the airfares are pretty affordable, too. You can fly with British Airways between London and Cagliari starting from around £135 or with the low cost airline EasyJet, starting from £56 return.

Where to stay: There are loads of stunning hotels and resorts on this sparkling island! If you are on a tight budget, Le Tre Stelle in Cagliari has spacious double rooms starting from £56 per night, and Residence Europa in the city of Alghero (north of Sardinia) for about £55 per night. For something a little more luxurious, check out the Hotel Regina Margherita in Cagliari. They have classic double rooms for around £120 per night and many of the rooms come equipped with a wonderful view of the sea!

What to do: If you love soaking up the suns rays and swimming in the shimmering ocean, then Sardinia is perfect place for you! You can visit Costa Smeralda, where you can catch lots of VIPs topping up their tans, check out Villa Simius, which is a small city on the south-east coast with lots of lovely beaches to choose from, and relax in Baia Chia which is made up of a group of five beaches.  Please note that all the prices quoted in this article are for the month of April and are subject to change depending on availability. We hope this helps you enjoy your Sardinia holidays!

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