Our guide to Sardinia Holidays

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is a universally popular holiday destination thanks to a stunning climate and gorgeous scenery.

Around its coast, Sardinia has many spectacular beaches such as the beaches of Porto Ferro in the northwest to Spiaggia Scivu on the Costa Verde.

Inland there are many ancient nuraghic sites, some 7000 of these strange stone towers have been counted around the island and the earliest may have been erected as far back as 1800BC. These Bronze Age structures, usually made of great slabs of dark basalt or trachyte, have defied explanation. The roughly hewn stones were piled up in circular fashion, diminishing in radius towards the top and held together by the gravity.

The cities of Cagliari, Alghero and Sassari are well worth visiting while on a Sardinian holiday.

Alghero, population 40,000, swells to over 100,000 in summer and has a distinct Catalan influence. With its sights, such as the Campanile, seaside location, restaurants and bars, it is a very attractive city.

Sassari, population 121,500, is Sardinia's second city and rival to the capital Cagliari. It has a proud history as a centre of culture and the central squares and boulevards that spread north of the old quarter exude a somnolent grandeur. It has two grand churches, the Duomo and Santa Maria di Betlem, and both are impressive and worth a visit. The old city also has many fine traditional eateries.

Cagliari, the capital, population 174,180 is not to be missed. The busy Via Roma presents the unmistakable hallmarks of a Mediterranean port city. A visit to the Castello is a must and the views from it are not to be missed.

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