How to really visit Santa in Lapland

Santa Lapland

Visiting Santa in Lapland is not as difficult as it sounds. Rather than stuffing a letter up your chimney stack to contact the stout old gentleman though, you can now book a trip online with several different providers to visit the far north and take your kids to see some real reindeers and sleighs.

Lapland is beyond the Arctic Circle, and will usually involve travelling to the north of Finland. A short three to five day break is probably the best way to experience the region, but some service providers do offer day trips from UK cities to Lapland.

One place which offers several different break packages to suit different requirements is Santadays.co.uk. Whether you want to include a snowmobile ride in your break, stay in an igloo or arrange a personal family meeting with Santa himself, there is a range of tailored packages from which to choose.

This website also reminds travellers that they may need to update their travel insurance in order to cover themsleves for activities such as riding a snowmobile or driving a husky sled.

One company which insists that a personal meeting with Santa in his secret log cabin in the woods is guaranteed is Santaslapland.com. The company which offers the deals, Esprit, also bases travellers in Saariselka, which is only 25 minutes travel from the airport at Ivalo.

Many other companies are not as specific about the details of the packages they offer. Esprit details the precise activities, including their length of time and exactly what to expect, and for this reason are a useful place to start looking for a decent package.

Santa-holidays.com is another website which details several packages. The company offers one day trips to five day tours, and also offers the opportunity to do a 'post Christmas' tour, where travellers can experience New Year in Lapland, at Suomu or Luosto.

With another resort at Phya, on the edge of the National Park Area, ski facilities are abundant, and there are many other winter activities on offer. The service is provided by Canterbury Travel.

Go2lapland.com is a website which offers tours provided by Barrhead Travel, one of the UK's largest independent travel agencies. The company makes much of the fact that it has been established for 33 years and employs over 400 experienced staff.

Travellers can visit a whole host of Lapland resorts through this company, from Karesuando to Rovaniemi and many more. Full details can be found at the website.

If you're looking to get in the mood for Christmas before the trip, and you want some Santa-based activities to get the kids' Christmas juices flowing, then Santaclaus.net is a lot of fun.

Users can check out the weather in Lapland as well as look inside the Elf House and request a letter or phone call from Sant himself.

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