Sandusa: the sand and waterproof beach towel

If you love lying on the beach, then you know how annoying it is when sand clings to your fluffy towels or mats. However, there’s good news for sun worshippers and holiday makers out there with the Sandusa, a specially patented beach towel that repels sand and water making your visit a pleasant one. Plus, it has other uses as well from protecting belongings to keeping yourself dry.

The revolutionary concept

The beach is great and we even love running, playing and walking on the sand. However, when it’s time to pack our bags and leave, we always shake our towels to see if we are not bringing those grains with us. Sand left on towels is not only annoying, it can also damage machines when we wash them, make upholstery and interiors of cars dirty and soiled. Thus, the idea of a towel that repels sand was born.

  • Characteristics

The secret of Sandusa is its underside. The front part is a normal terry towel but the other side is fitted with a nylon backing layer preventing sand from attaching on the surface. In addition, the towels are waterproof which means moisture won’t accumulate attracting sand. These two main attributes make these towels stand out and do what they are supposed to do - repel sand and moisture.

  • Other uses

Apart from its main use as a beach towel, you can also use the Sandusa to wrap wet clothes, swimwear and even shoes. Moreover, spread it on your car seat and protect any surface you are sitting on. The towels can be used as a cot sheet for the little ones or as a gym towel. You can also use them to protect stuff which is sensitive such as electronics and furniture. Otherwise, the simplest purpose is to wrap a wet body after a swim or water sport.

The cost

Beginning July 2013, Sandusa started a crowd funding campaign for this creative project. The campaign includes a comprehensive marketing package to introduce the product to potential investors. Rewards for their Indiegogo campaign will include towels, investor certificates, and social media attribution. To date, the campaign has raised $7,086 out of the targetted $50,000 with only 39 days left before the campaign is over. Contribute $10 for a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter, $20 for an official funding certificate, $40 for 1 early bird towel, $75 for 2, $110 for 3 and $300 for 10 towels. Delivery is targetted for December 2013.

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