Samoa Holidays: Pleasure in the Heart of Nature

In the midst of mystical rainforests, grand waterfalls, and relaxing beaches, locals go about their daily routines as early as 5 am. By noon, they rest in their fales, the cool breeze and gentle sound of the waves lulling them to sleep. Before night time, they indulge in various activities together, demonstrating their customs fa’a Samoa, the Samoan way. Welcome to Samoa, Earth’s piece of paradise where almost everything comes cheap, and heavenly Samoa holidays come without the costly price tag.

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Discover a diverse mix of natural gems in Upolu, the most populous of all the Samoan islands, located in Apia. Take part in water sports such as diving in the famous Lalomanu Beach, where pristine waters embrace seemingly endless white sand. Or plunge into the fascinating world of endangered green turtles by swimming with them in their natural environment. On Fugalei Street in Apia, the food market Maketi Fou offers a host of Samoan treats, including a local fruit called pawpaw and delectable ladyfinger bananas. Gift items abound in the flea markets, just 10 minutes away, ranging from jewellery, lava lavas (Samoan sarong), Samoan music, and much more.

Imposing waterfalls cascade all throughout Samoa, with the most prominent ones found in Upolu and Savaii. The swimming holes in Togitogiga Waterfalls near Cross Island Road are great for swimming. Sopoaga Falls features a picnic and garden area, where visitors can enjoy views of the falls. Afu Aau Falls in Savaii, meanwhile, lures daring divers to its deep natural swimming pool. Nearby is the mystifying Pulemelei Pyramid, the 12-metre structure that’s believed to have been built by the legendary god Togaloa.

The blowholes in the village of Taga feature connecting tubes on lava rock that spray water out every few seconds when waves come crashing in from the ocean below. The Piula Cave Pool lies beneath the Methodist Church at the Piula Theological College. End your Samoa holiday by visiting the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, the former home and grave site of the celebrated novelist and his wife.

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