Sal Island in Cape Verde

50 million years ago, the eruption of a volcano in Cape Verde gave birth to a flat island with an “arid and moon-like landscape.” Decades later, this island was discovered and blessed with the name Llana, meaning “flat.” Today, the island is known as Sal (salt in Portuguese) because of its salt deposits, and is hailed as one of the tourist attractions to visit on a Cape Verde holiday.

Sal Island enjoys 350 days of sunshine a year. Its warm climate is matched with turquoise waters and golden sands, beckoning hundreds of tourists to a sun-drenched holiday. Water sports abound here, scuba diving being the most popular. Fishing, wind surfing, and of course, swimming are available, too.

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The beauty of Sal Island is not only for sun-worshippers but for nature lovers as well. It is home to Salinas de Pedra de Lume, a salt pit located in a sea-level crater of a dormant volcano. Enter the pit through a tunnel, and discover salt evaporation ponds built over a natural salt lake. Vila de Espargos, named after the asparagus, is also a must-visit for its mass of asparagus stalks with yellow flowers, as well as loads of hotels and restaurants. Located nearby is Palmeira, characterised by desert sands, and famous for its lobster farms. Tourists can buy the best lobsters at reasonable prices.

Sal’s scrumptious dishes are island attractions themselves. Santa Maria and Espargos restaurants are havens of seafood, where fresh fish and shellfish are a crowd favourite. Arroz de Marisco, a Cape Verde specialty consisting of shell fish and rice, offers tourists an appetizing experience.

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