Driving the best bargain on sailings to France

Thinking of taking a relaxing break in France? Holidaymakers in the UK have a veritable plethora of options when it comes to holidays on the continent with flights, the Channel Tunnel and the trusty old car ferry all brilliant options. In our view though, there is no better way to go exploring than with your own car. So in this blog, we are going to check out the best bargains on sailings to France from Dover.

More and more Britons are discovering the simple pleasures of taking their car across the channel and exploring the north of France. The best part is, it is a hugely inexpensive way of holidaying too as the average price on the route works out at less than £100 for you and your car. You will have two main options if you are looking to make the ferry crossing.

P & O Ferries have a whopping 23 daily crossings from Dover to Calais, and their crossing takes just 90 minutes. They have a luxury fleet with a whole host of amenities. In our experience, their prices are the best on the route thanks to their increased capacity, and you can check them out online at www.poferries.com. Here you can view the full timetable and make bookings.

Your other option is to check out what is on offer from Sea France, who make 15 daily crossings between the two ports, with their crossing taking just 75 minutes. You can check out their website at www.seafrance.com/, and right now they are running an out of this world offer that will allow five people and one car to travel one way for just £35.

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