Enjoying sailing holidays in Greece

Sailing holidays in Greece are the best way of seeing the islands. A small and comfortable yacht would be ideally suited for this type of holiday and there are plenty of tour operators to choose from. You can either tour with a party or charter a yacht for yourself with or without a skipper.

The Greek islands

Activities like hiking and snorkelling can be enjoyed during sailing holidays in Greece if you visit the major islands like Crete, Euboea, Lesbos, and Rhodes. You will find beautiful restaurants and taverna-lined harbours at each of these, but with an estimated 6,000 Greek islands, there are lots of other treasures to explore including uninhabited islands where you can enjoy the freedom of island life in splendid isolation.

Learn to sail

This could be your opportunity to learn how to sail or you could relax and allow a skipper to do the hard work whilst you enjoy the sun and scenery. If you want to learn the basics and skipper for yourself, then this could be an ideal opportunity to learn from an experienced skipper.

Set your own pace

The most adventurous should charter a boat and sail it themselves. This will give you the opportunity to explore the islands at your own pace. This doesn’t mean isolation from the tour operator. Radio or mobile phone support is at hand in the event of an emergency. If you choose a planned route you can get advice on the best anchorages, as well as the best beaches, restaurants and bars to visit. Most operators will offer refresher courses as well as a full handover of the yacht before you leave on your adventure. Charts and navigation aids should also be provided.

Final word

Sailing holidays in Greece can open your eyes to remote scenery and allow you to explore islands that tour operators would either not visit or would allow you very little time to enjoy. You may even moor at remote places which are inaccessible to travellers on larger boats, so this is a holiday best enjoyed by adventurous holiday makers.

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