Plan your sailing holiday in Turkey!

Want to go on holiday but feeling bored with the usual European city break? Then why not try something different? If you like the water, sailing holidays can be fantastic - get on a boat, go wherever you like the look of and relax in style and beautiful surrounds. Here we look at planning a sailing holiday in Turkey.

If you like the idea of a sailing holiday in Turkey, make sure you check out sailinturkey.com. They offer bareboat charter, skippered yacht charter and sail training.

Bareboat charter

The bareboat charter is for people that want to take on the challenge of skippering their own yacht (bear in mind that you must have experience). They provide you with a full briefing of the boat and areas to visit and give you a phone so you can contact them at any time. They have quite a large range of boats available which vary in style, price and size. Whether you are on a romantic break or family getaway, skippering your own boat would be an experience not to forget - enjoy swimming, adventures and discovering secluded beaches at your own pace.

Skippered yacht charter

If you have no experience, you can go for the skippered yacht charter. This is a good choice if you want the holiday to have a more relaxing pace. You'll see some of the area's best sights and there will be plenty of time for swimming, snorkelling, lounging on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.

Sailing training

You can also get sailing training, where you will be offered a custom package depending on what you want to learn. They will teach you everything from checking engines, deck work and navigation to how to handle emergencies and sailing at night.

A little different from the norm

If you want a holiday that is a little different from the norm, you should consider a sailing holiday in Turkey. If you like spending time on the water, you will love sailing holidays. However, just remember that not everyone feels comfortable spending extended lengths of time in a confined space, so make sure all your travel buddies know what they are getting themselves into!

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