Saga, the highly rated website for the over 50s.

If you somehow associate cool websites with young techies, you may be interested to know that online members of consumer company Which? recently chose 50s specialist Saga.co.uk as their favourite travel website, preferring it to better-known sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia, reports the Daily Mail.

Apparently Which? readers appreciated perfect clarity at the moment of stipulating what is included in the cost, even to the point of luggage porterage. It’s the sort of thing that can concern the no longer twenty-something traveller. Discounts offered are also very up-front with exact amounts clearly stated.

The 'Travel shop' section of the site may not be flashy, but it’s easy to find your way around. You can search for holidays by destination or by type (e.g cruises, hotel holidays, tours, etc. ) and the 'themed holidays' section points you towards breaks geared to your interests e.g. gardens, music or dancing.

Travel for the over-50s is booming at the moment and Saga provides excellent information, support and organized trips. Check out the Saga Travel Insurance section: the company's travel policy covers many pre-existing medical conditions, and there's no upper age limit for policyholders.

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