Saga French Cottage Holidays

The Saga Group was established in the 1950s and has since then become a leading holiday and property rental provider. Their success has been down to a number of factors including their exclusive concentration on elderly customers to whom they offer great value for money and because of the quality and dependable reputation they have successfully built up over the years.  So if you are planning a holiday then why not take advantage of some of these fantastic Saga Cottage holidays that are currently available:

Saga Property Rental advertise a fantastic range of hundreds of villas, cottages, farmhouses and apartments throughout Europe and the USA all of which are exclusively owned by Saga customers. So if you are looking for a Saga holiday cottage then have a look at some of these exquisite French cottages that are on offer:

Carminade, St Meard de Gurcon

This is a delightful cottage situated in the stunning French countryside and within easy access to the towns of Montpon and St Foy La Grande. This cottage provides the perfect base for anybody who is looking to enjoy wine tasting, horse riding, tennis or just relaxing by the private pool. This superb little cottage which sleeps up to four people could be your perfect holiday accommodation for as little as £195 per week.

La Fernette, Lore

This is another fantastic cottage that sleeps up to six people. Located in the stunning village of Lore this former farmhouse is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. This cottage is very well furnished making it the perfect home away from home for as little as £250 per week!

These are just some of the properties advertised by Saga. So if you are planning Saga cottage holidays then check out all of the fantastic properties that they have on offer!

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