Take a step into the wild with these great safari deals in 2011 on offer.

Are you one of the many people fed up with all the usual and predictable package holidays? With great safari deals in 2011 on offer, now is your chance to do something different and live on the wild side of life. You should search today for your safari deal and go in search for the king of the jungle across the African savannahs or hitch a ride on an elephant's back through the tropical forests.

Thompson Tailormade are currently one of the companies on the market offering safari deals in 2011 to Kenya. They offer a great variety to their tours to accommodate people who want a relaxing safari or to those more adventerous ones. For prices and dates to depart you can get in contact with the tailormade team on 0844 050 2828 or online at www.thomsonworldwide.com where you can book your safari hassle free and if you book online you can save a further 10% on your package.

Natural World Safaris is another company on the market offering safari deals in 2011.You can log on to view what is on offer to you regarding the prices and departure dates at www.naturalworldsafaris.com or you get in contact by telephone from the UK on 0044 (0) 1273 691 642 and from the US on 1866 357 6569.

I am one of these people who believe in living life to the full so I am booking my safari today so why not come and join me and live life on the wild side?


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