Shall we dance?

While it’s true that if you said ‘Come dancing’ to your partner as a holiday invitation it may not be his or her cup of tea, you’d be surprised by the number of holiday makers who opt for a hop skip and a jump while on holiday, even signing up for lessons. But beware: not only do you need to be romantic but energetic too. Even an hour’s foot stomping and swirling will take it out of you, but it’s more fun than sweating at the gym!

If you’re looking for a fun dancing holiday that won’t break the bank, Andalusia is perfect at this time of year and well served by the budget airlines, so why not try some hot blooded Flameno? Popular destinations Seville, Cádiz and Granada have schools which teach all levels, from experts to beginners who just want a taste of passion against a background of mountains and whitewashed villages. Visit www.flamencolafuente.com just one of a number of options you’ll find on the web.

And if you’re able to splurge on an international trip to a farther flung Latin destination, Buenos Aires Argentina will give you an unforgettable Tango experience. There are a number of schools available in Buenos Aires but you hardly need them: Tango originated in the working-class neighbourhoods of the Argentinean capital, reports BBC Travel and they are a great place to learn some dance steps, with ‘milongas’ (tango events) taking place in the squares. If you’re planning a trip for next year, Buenos Aires' Tango Festival and World Cup takes place in August and its City Dance Championship is in May.

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