Saying ‘I do’ in far off places.

Every engaged couple has its own idea of what a dream wedding should be, but increasingly this dream involves far-away places. As many as one in five couples today are opting for alternative wedding destinations abroad, reports BBC Travel, whether it be on a beach, a mountaintop or in a castle.

And with a sparkling wedding overseas coming in at less than a third of the cost of a traditional wedding in the UK, you can see why couples choose to follow their dream, especially as you’re guaranteed good weather to boot.

For a celebrity style wedding, a popular option is the sun-soaked Caribbean, where you can say ‘I do’ against a golden sandy beach and turquoise water backdrop. 'Most of our clients want a location and a resort where their guests can have unlimited access to meals included in the cost; they seem concerned with keeping the costs down for their guests so places like Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which have a lot of all inclusive resorts, are very popular,' said Sandra Aaron from Mindless Sophistication Events, a wedding planning service.

For blissful romance and soothing serenity, try Bali Indonesia, a top sun destination for ceremonies with stunning Indian Ocean views. The big advantage is the number of agents on the ground who will handle all the paperwork. All you have to do is arrive a couple of days before the wedding and head for your chosen chapel.

Check www.weddingacts.com for details of marrying in Bali and try www.DreamyWeddings.com for Caribbean weddings.

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