Step into summer with an Easy Jet bargain flight to Spain.

If you’ve left your summer holiday until the last minute this year and are finding prices a bit steep, check out Easy Jet (www.easyjet.com) for last minute flights to Spain. They are offering flights to Alicante, Malaga and Majorca from £40.99 one way including taxes for travel between the 25th of June and the 29th of October as part of their ‘Step into Summer’ deal. With prices like these, you can pack your bags, take a break and enjoy a change of scene right now, and sign up for an autumn trip too!

Whether it’s joining in the buzz on the Costa del Sol’s capital, Malaga, where you can enjoy 320 days of sunshine a year, lounging on the beach in Alicante, the ‘City of the Sun’, or eating and drinking on the island of Majorca, renowned for its vibrant party scene, you’ll be guaranteed non-stop fun in one of these Spanish hotspots.

You can now fly to Malaga from 9 UK airports and to Alicante and Majorca from 10, with even a choice of two flights a day with the chance to save further if you take a late flight. For example, a round trip from Liverpool to Alicante, departing on Wednesday the 17th of August at 23.55 and returning on Tuesday the 23rd at 19.35 costs just 98.49 euros, not bad for the very peak of the season!

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