Do Ryanair Turkey flights exist?

The sad news is no, Ryanair Turkey flights do not exist. While Ryanair would sell great deals on flights to Turkey they have never managed to expand and add Turkey to their routes, not through lack of trying.

It turns out that in 2009 Ryanair were on the lookout for Turkish flights. They seemed to want to make a deal and add Turkey to their routes. They showed great interest in Turkey as a new market but the deal never came to fruition.

Nobody really knows what caused the deal to fall through but Turkey remains off the radar once again for Ryanair. It's no wonder so many people are think Ryanair fly to Turkey.

Well, we can't really send you away empty handed so we had a look for an alternative way of getting to Turkey for cheap. The good news is, we came up trumps!

We searched for a flight from London to Batman (not the comic hero!) and managed to find a return flight for only £400! This is an incredible price especially considering it is a weekend flight and the return is included.

The flight leaves from London Stansted and flys direct all the way to Batman on the 26th of August and the return flight leaves on the 29th. Hit up the edreams.co.uk website to see what great deals you can find.

While Ryanair Turkey flights may not exist there is still a world of great cheap flights to take advantage of if you know where to look. Hit up the eDreams website and see what great deals are out there.


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