Ryanair holidays to Malta

Malta is one of those beautiful places that is worth taking the time to explore. With a balanced mix of picturesque beaches, breathtaking natural beauty and rich history, it is a trip that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Luckily, it is not too expensive to fly into either so have look at these Ryanair deals to Malta.

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The peak tourist season in Malta is usually May and June when the weather is warm, but not too humid or hot. For budget travellers, the winter season is the time to go as you can still travel around and get in a lot of sightseeing, but do not have to pay the extra pounds for accommodation. Whenever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do, Malta will not disappoint.

Keep in mind that Ryanair prices to Malta fluctuate dramatically depending on whether it is a weekend or weekday, or if you are looking at flying during peak season. If you are flying out of London Luton in April to Malta, flights start at £29 one way. In May, they increase a little bit to £39, for June prices are around £54 and in July, £64.

Flights from Edinburgh to Malta are a little more expensive than other airports in the UK. During April and May, prices start at £49 for one way flights, but then jump to around £60 for June and are £81 and more for July. Flying out of Birmingham to Malta will cost you around June £33 and then nearly double that during July.

Like any other airline, when booking with Ryanair it is important to keep an eye out for deals that may be on offer. Try to avoid high peak times such as school holidays and summer months as you will be paying a huge premium but if you do need to fly during this period, book as far in advance as you possibly can.

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