Book a Glasgow to Riga Ryanair flight for holidays on the Baltic

Looking for some new destinations for your European getaways? With flights from Glasgow Prestwick to Riga, Ryanair holidays can combine exploring a beautiful historic city, with escaping to lively Baltic beach resorts.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) offers flights from Glasgow Prestwick to Riga. We found tax-free fares from £25.99 outbound and £34.99 inbound. Adding on Ryanair's charges for baggage, EU levies and online check-in, you can still get a round-trip fare for under £100. By being very flexible with your dates and travelling light you could make further savings.

Riga has a beautifully-preserved old town, with restored medieval houses, a dramatic cathedral and the ornate St Peter’s Church, and it's a great area to wander at leisure, exploring shops and museums.

More impressive still is the art nouveau splendour of the new town, with imposing European boulevards lined with ornately-decorated apartment blocks. Wander down Alberta iela, and admire one of the most impressive streets in Eastern Europe.

In summer, join the locals escaping the city for the coast. They all end up in Liepaja, venue for the massive Baltic Beach Party in July and Latvia's biggest rock festival at the end of August.

In Liepaja, you can even indulge in the dubious pleasure of staying overnight in a cell at the former KGB prison. They will throw in breakfast and a light interrogation for under €10. A bargain!

That will at least prepare you for the check-in and security check  experience for your flight back with Ryanair. Holidays in Latvia will always leave you with plenty to talk about.

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