Cheap Ryanair holiday packages

While Ryanair holiday packages are not directly offered on their website, they give you the ability to create your own. Considering that a holiday is generally considered a flight and a hotel, let's just take a look at some great hotels and some amzing low cost air fares.

Our first stop is Lanzarote, well, Puerto Calero to be more specific. The Hesperia Lanzarote is a magnificant hotel in the town of Puerto Calero just 13 km from Lanzarote Airport. The location is perfect, just a short walk from the beach and the town centre. You are never far away from the action!

The Hesperia Lanzarote has lots to offer as far as activities go, with access to tennis, paddle and squash courts, a spa, jacuzzi and even a steam room readily available to the hotels guests you will find it hard to leave the hotel. Making it even harder is the 3 restaurants and poolside bar. They serve authentic Mediterranean food and even international cuisine.

The best part of everything of course is the price. It will only cost you £430 for five nights at this amazing hotel and access to everything they have to offer. Oh, did we mention that this price is for two?

We then searched for flights to Lanzarote with Ryanair and found them for only £67 per person! This means you are looking at £567 for the entire trip with the tax included. This is why we love Ryanair.com website.

Ryanair package holidays, just put in a little effort and you will get a lot back!

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