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Porto is one of Ryanair's top European destinations and is a fantastic place to spend some time chilling out and taking in the sights. The airport is located 12 kilometres from the city centre and you reach the city centre in twenty minutes from the airport by train.

A cruise along the River Douro on a traditional 'barcos rabelos' is a must in Porto. 'Barcos rabelos' were originally used for transporting wine but are now one of Porto's best tourist attraction.

The boats depart from the Ribeira, which is a major tourist attraction itself. The Ribeira river promenade offers a fascinating glimpse into Portugal's history and culture. There is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere along the Ribeira, which is surprising given the number of visitors and landmarks that can be found here.

Some of the delights of the Ribeira that you won't want to miss include the renovated Caso do Infante, the gothic church of Igreja de Sao Francisco and the magnificent Palácio da Bolsa (stock exchange.)

Porto is lucky in that it's extremely close to many of the other places of interest in Portugal. Within a couple of hours of leaving Porto, you can be in Lisbon, Amarante or Aveiro, which are all hugely popular with tourists.

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