Ryanair dont offer flights to Amsterdam but they do to Holland

Currently there are no Ryanair flights to Amsterdam so that means people looking to fly into the beautiful city of Amsterdam with Ryanair are out of luck.

That doesn't mean that travelers are completely out of options however as Ryanair does fly to the attractive and culturally diverse city of Eindhoven located about 130km south of Amsterdam in the province of North Brabant in the south of the country. Rail links run between the two cities at several times during the day with four connections each hour.

Travel time between the cities taking only an hour and twenty minutes approximately so getting to Amsterdam from the numerous destinations Ryanair offers connections from such as Marseille, Dublin, London and Barcelona amongst others.

Another connecting route between Amsterdam and Eindhoven is to drive between the two cities. Travel time between the two cities is only about an hour and half via the A2 and represents one of the best options for a traveller looking to get to Amsterdam.

Another option for people looking to travel to Amsterdam but cannot due to the lack of Ryanair Flights to Amsterdam is to travel via Maastricht which is located in Liburg, further south of Eindhoven. Ryanair currently offers flights from another eight destinations including Faro, Malaga, Pisa, Porto and both airports in Barcelona.

Again train connections between the cities are quite frequent with two departures per hour during the day and over thirty trains per day rail connections are an easy solution to traveling between cities in the Netherlands. Total trip time is two and a half hours and return trips cost about €35.



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