Hop on Ryanair cheap flights from Stansted to Santiago De Compostela

If you know your way around the website, Ryanair cheap flights can be the starting point for an inexpensive city break in some of Europe's fabulous old cities. Santiago De Compostela is a great example, a magnificent cathedral city nestling in the lush hills of north-western Spain.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) flies direct to Santiago De Compostela from London Stansted. With a little clicking we found fares from as low as £14.99 one way, tax free, and including free online check-in. The only extras you have to consider are baggage charges. Even if you can't quite match that fare for the return journey, it is still possible to bag yourself a round trip for around £60.

Although the flights depart Stansted at the unsociable hour of 6.30am, this gives you the advantage of enjoying a whole first day in Spain. Grab a taxi from Santiago airport (around €20 to the centre) and you'll arrive just as the shops are opening their shutters.

Santiago's stone-flagged streets and medieval buildings have World Heritage status, and you can see why. Follow the footsteps of 1000 years of pilgrimages and make your way to the stunning Cathedral to see the relics of St James.

There is plenty to interest the less spiritually-inclined. This region is renowned for the quality of its seafood. Stroll down to the stone-built covered market in the midst of the old town just to admire the variety and freshness of all the fish and shellfish brought in from the Atlantic. Then sample it in any of the nearby bars and restaurants.

Shelling clams and sipping the excellent local Albarino white wine, you can peruse the Ryanair cheap flights schedules and plan your next city break.

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