Ryanair 2014 Cabin Crew Charity Calendar to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust

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Ryanair has announced today that the next 2014 issue of its popular Cabin Crew Charity Calendar will raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity founded in 1990 that supports young people aged between 13 and 24 that are fighting cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s and related diseases by providing NHS hospitals with specialist units and by educating young people about the condition.

With the proceeds of its new calendar, Ryanair is hoping to raise around €100,000, which would bring the total raised by Ryanair’s Cabin Crew for charity to over €700,000 since its first calendar was issued in 2008. Teenage Cancer Trust can also count on the help of many celebrity supporters including rock group The Stone Roses, comedian Jason Manford, The Who frontman Roger Daltrey and rhythm and blues band The Strypes.

Ryanair’s boss Robin Kiely commented on the new 2014 calendar: "Ryanair’s fabulous cabin crew have selected Teenage Cancer Trust as the lucky charity that will receive all of the €100,000 proceeds from the 2014 Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar sales, which will help support their 27 specialist cancer units for young people across the UK."

"Every year 10,000 copies of the Ryanair cabin crew charity calendar sell out in record time, so everyone who wants to help Teenage Cancer Trust with its work can buy Ryanair’s 2014 calendar onboard, on our website, or from Teenage Cancer Trust’s website when it goes on sale shortly."

PHOTO GALLERY: Ryanair 2014 Cabin Crew Charity Calendar for Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust’s Interim Director of Fundraising Kate Collins said: "It’s fantastic news that Ryanair cabin crew have chosen to support Teenage Cancer Trust through the sales of the 2014 calendar. Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK and the money raised by Ryanair staff and customers from calendar sales will help us to continue to provide them with the vital specialist support they need."

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