Russian air-stewardesses used to sex up air-travel

If the thought of your plane falling out of the sky and bursting into flames gets your pulse racy and your palms sweaty ahead of take-off, just spare a thought for those male passengers on board a Russian 'Avianova' flight, who might be expecting a little more than a small in-flight meal and a glass of water from the air-stewardesses on board.

Avianova airline has recently come under fire for featuring models, dressed as air-stewardesses in its latest tv advert, which shows a number of the models in regulation stewardess outfits. However, the girls go on to strip down to bikinis and start washing parts of the plane, as if it were a dirty car on a Sunday afternoon, in an extremely suggestive manner.

The Flight Attendents Association of Australia (FAAA) has criticised the portrayal as 'suggestive advertising, portraying cabin crew as part of the product they are selling' and points to a likely rise in sexual harrassment that the cabin crew, and others like it, may face from male passengers. Another airline, 'Aeroflot', who recently sold a nude calender of female stewardesses wearing nothing but their hats, was also heavily criticised.

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