Russia braces itself for record low temperatures

Moscow tonight is preparing for the big freeze: the temperatures are going to drop to the -26 degrees mark, in what has been defined one of Russia's coldest winters since the 1930's. In other russian cities the situation is even more dramatic: in Novosibirsk, Siberia, they have recently recorded a -41, which is nothing if compared to the -50 of the Yakutia region.

But how is this extreme weather affecting locals and how are they coping with it? The Government has declared a state of emergency in several regions, warning citizens about possible disruptions of communication and power. Many schools and nurseries have been closed, flights have been cancelled all around the country and there've been some major traffic accidents.

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So far, 45 people have died and 542 people have been injured due to the freezing temperatures. In Novosibirsk, 7000 resident have been left with no heating due to a failure in the central system: the water has frozen inside the pipes, which have consequently busted.

In the coldest areas apparently people take turns during the night to keep car engines on, because the antifreeze is not enough to keep the coolant fluid. In some places people have tighten ropes between buildings to allow pedestrian road crossing, which would be otherwise impossible due to the powerful storms hitting the regions.

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Don't miss the video below - filmed in Novosibirsk few days ago when the temperature was of -41, which shows a young man throwing some boiling water off his 7th floor balcony. Can you guess what happens?


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