Why Not Stay at Runnymede Hotel Jersey?

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Jersey is such a popular destination for holiday makers, be it groups of friends or young families. If you're looking for a lovely place to stay, like the idea of a two minute walk to the beach and to be surrounded by great restaurants then there is one such place for you - Runnymede Hotel Jersey.

Runnymede Court Hotel is known for being exceptionally well taken care of and spotlessly clean - just read any reputable travel review website. It's not just known as a spotlessly clean hotel but its staff have a reputation for hospitality. Couple the care of the hotel and the service of the staff and the fact that Runnymede is always commended for its great value.

Runnymede has been in the same family ownership and management for many years now and its beautiful gardens are prize-winning. It is centrally located and within a short distance to both a shopping centre and the local bus service.

Whilst staying at the hotel guests can avail of free parking, sun terraces and free ferry crossing by foot. Due to its reputation and popularity it books out well in advance. The price per night's accommodation averages out at just over £50. All rates come with a beautiful breakfast every morning.

Runnymede also offers specials for extra night's accommodation, free half board where couples can save up to £140 and 40% reduction for children under 14. For dining you are always offered the full traditional English breakfast and a three course meal for dinner. There is also a fully stocked cocktail bar at the hotel.

So if you fancy a relaxing English break by the beach and in the Channel then consider the reknowned Runnymede Hotel Jersey.

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