Royally romantic: pay a visit to the Scottish town of St Andrews.

It’s safe to say that for most of us right now, the mention of the gothic town of St. Andrews will ring a bell. Not only is it associated with seriously up-market golf, but it has recently been flashed around the world as the birthplace of royal romance. The University of St Andrews, where Prince William and Kate Middleton met as art history majors, is due to celebrate its 600th anniversary in 2013, but with the recent Royal Wedding, celebrations have started early, reports BBC Travel.

Wedding celebrations over, if you’re a passionate royalist or an ardent golfer, or simply looking for somewhere to spend a great day, you could do a lot worse than head for this iconic city on Scotland’s east coast. Visit the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral, which dates back to the early 14th century and was the largest church in the country until damaged in 1559. You can see some of its old stones at the Cathedral Museum, including an 8th-century Pictish sculpture in the sarcophagus of Scotland's patron saint, St Andrew. 12th Century St Rule's Tower survives and if you climb its 151 spiral steps you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view over the town and North Sea.

Nature lovers can call in at the Botanic Gardens on South Street, which boasts more than 8,000 species of plants and trees, before walking to the spectacular West Sands Beach, which featured in the opening credits of the film Chariots of Fire. The St Andrews Aquarium is just a little further along the coast. Golfers who want to play on the famous original Old Course can try entering the daily ballot before 2:30 pm the day before playing, or you need to reserve the first week of September for the following year. Alternatively, try your swing at the new Castle Course.

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