Get Going on the Road Using a Route Planner

Route planner

If you are preparing for a journey using a route planner, consider RAC Route Planner (rac.co.uk). Take London as a starting point, add a half way stop, and a final travel destination of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. You can customise your route to one way, there and back or a roundtrip using the fastest or the shortest route.

When you hit the 'show route' button, the picture will look something like this. The entire journey will cover 1516.07 miles with total travelling time estimated at 26 hours and 08 minutes and 56 seconds give or take. You are then able to view the step by step directions that include at least 103 detailed instructions for this return trip. Advisory notices are marked in red indicating existence of paying toll booths giving you plenty of time to prepare for those fees.

Take the Channel Tunnel that will take 1 hour and 27 minutes. Look up interesting points along the way. Stop over in Brussels or Bourgogne for a break. It will take you at least 13 hours to reach your intended destination when you reach mid point.

Check AA (theaa.com) for alternative route planning. If you are driving to the city of Edinburgh from London, you will need 7 hours and 29 minutes to get there. The information presented on the site includes traffic updates and points of interest such as service areas, restaurants, and hotels.

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What is pretty nifty is that it even shows where radars are located to warn drivers of speed limits when approaching a certain zone. It works exactly like any other satellite device.

Why not use a route planner when travelling to your next destination? It is easy to use and covers all the vital aspects of a trip making it easy for you to get an overall picture of your journey from start to finish. No messy updates to think or blank screens to deal with because of lost satellites. It always shows recent changes and displays real time traffic with a text alert sent to your phones. Print it out and get going to your holiday destination or simply use it for your daily commute. It is free and costs nothing.

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