Rooms for €1 at west Cork hotels

How do you get tourists to come visit your town? With amenities? With top of the range hotels? With dancing girls? Why no, just give them something for free – or close enough to free that they won’t feel it’s a scam.

So, this is what the hoteliers in the town of Clonakilty, West Cork have done. The Inchydoney Lodge and Spa and the Celtic Ross Hotel, are offering guests rooms at the nominal price of €1 a night. They’re assuming and hoping that you’ll stay another night, at regular prices, and spend your money lavishly in the town’s bars and restaurants.

And it’s got to be said that it’s not a bad town to spend your shekels. There are some fine pubs, especially if you like your music live, bluesy or traditional Irish. Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience lived here till he died – nothing to do with the food by the way, Clonakilty is competing with nearby Kinsale for foodie capital of the South West.

But best of all is to rent a car, or bring your own on the the Cork-Swansea ferry service, and point yourself in the direction of the West. Beyond Clon (as it’s known locally) is the real territory of West Cork; Leap, Schull, Baltimore and the inland scary places that make the Alabama backwoods look civilized.


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