Rome’s Best Value Eatery – With Wine!

The first thing you notice about Rome is that every corner you turn you get assailed by some of the world’s most magnificent architecture; fountains, state buildings, Hippodromes and a Coliseum thrown in for good measure. Soon after, you realize the rip-off republic that Caesar left behind in the form of cricket score prices for a pizza slice – hail Caesar.

But there’s a revolution at Piccolo Abruzzo on Via Sicilia. If you go for lunch, don't plan any afternoon meetings, and if you go for dinner, have a very, very light lunch.

There's a fixed menu which includes starters, first and second courses with side dishes, cakes and spirits, wine and water all for about €28-30 - depending on how many extra bottles of wine and water you have – you’ll need several to wash that lot down.

For starters there's buffalo mozzarella, carpaccio, eggs, hams, a basket with several kinds of salami that you can help yourself to, mortadella, ricotta and much more … When the cook has prepared the first course dishes - yes, dishes, because there will be two, he will pass between the seats to show you the food. If you are still able to eat, he'll then bring the second course, with side dish!

Room for more? o.k. Finally choose dessert from one of the enticing tarts on display and wash the lot down with an essential limoncello digestif afterwards.

Piccolo Abruzzo, Via Sicilia 237, City center, 12:30pm – 2.30pm amd 7pm – 11pm daily. Full meal and drinks €25. – done deal.

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