Rome in July: Let the music play.

If you’re booked to go to Rome this month, remember to pack your sun cream, straw hat and comfy sandals: it’s promising to be a scorcher of a month. While it’s true that you can cool down with arguably the world’s best and most wonderful ice cream, you might find you want to take advantage of the hotel’s air conditioning during the hottest hours of the day and go out early morning to the main tourist sites, refresh with a nice long siesta back at base camp, then hit the town in the cool of the evening.

This month, there is a veritable trove of things to do pre and post dinner, especially for music lovers. For example, those with fifties nostalgia can enjoy a Swing Fever festival which takes place every Saturday night, winding up on the 30th. Join amateur and professional dancers as they take to the floor with slicked back hair, sporting clothes of the era. Check www.swingfever.it for details.

Meanwhile, the Medieval town of nearby Viterbo is hosting two classical music festivals in superb atmospheric sites such as the Palace of the Popes (pictured) and the Palazzo Farnese in Caprola. The Tuscia Opera festival (www.tusciaoperafectival.com) starts on the 8th of July and the Festival Barocco (www.festival barocco.com) on the 10th.

So whether you’re into trend setting retro swing or the quiet and classical, there’ll be something to keep you entertained in the cool of the night.

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